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Here's an evolving electronic collection of short prose pieces, with a poem contributed occasionally. Brevity guides. Although sometimes a piece will run to 900 words, most pieces are much shorter. Here one may find erotica, flash fiction, brief observations, and modest improvisations. Another rule is that each piece must have something to do with"red"; at least the word has to appear in each piece functionally. . . . All pieces are numbered and titled, so there's a de facto table of contents running down the rail below, under "Labels" (scroll down a bit). Browse for titles that look interesting, if you like. Thank you for stopping by. Look for some red today, tonight.

"Flaming June," by Frederick Lord Leighton

"Flaming June," by Frederick Lord Leighton

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

30. Definition

Red has its own wings and glides into sight.

Red owns its own memory and never forgets to be red.

Red is a corporation of molecules, publicly held.

Red is cosmopolitan, at ease for instance mixing with blue and yellow.

Red is a favorite of myth-makers and patriots, for it may be proclaimed and waved.

Red lurks in iron and wood.

Red is the correct answer to innumerable questions.

Red can keep a secret; it has never disclosed to the cardinal that the cardinal is red.

Red goes to the country in Sweden most summers. It stays by the lake and attempts to say as few words as possible.

Red is the news of ripeness reported by certain fruits. It is a form of goodbye uttered by certain leaves in September.

Red is crazy or brave or blessed--anyway, a martyr.

Red is the cost.

Red is a mogul.

Red is more than a color and only a color at the same time.

Red is not Gertrude Stein, and Gertrude Stein is not red.

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